Congress Should Tackle the Debt

Nov 17, 2010

Bob Corker today urged Congress to tackle America’s debt.

“I understand my colleagues’ concerns about the Federal Reserve monetizing our debt, but ultimately, the best way for us to counter that is for Congress to act responsibly and put in place appropriate disciplines that rein in our hugely out-of-control spending,” said Corker. “I just completed 46 presentations in Tennessee on America’s debt crisis, and at every one, Tennesseans expressed disgust – and at times outrage – at Washington’s complete lack of fiscal discipline. In an environment where a lack of confidence is one of the greatest impediments to economic growth, the best thing our government can do to help instill confidence is to provide Americans certainty that we are not going to burden them with endless deficits. The best way to get America back on a gradual glide path to fiscal sanity is to impose a binding cap on federal spending and force Congress to keep an honest, transparent account of every federal dollar spent.”

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