WDEF: Senator Bob Corker Talks about Fixing America's Problems to Chattanooga Rotarians

Apr 5, 2012

Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) took on some of the issues facing America today.

The former Chattanooga Mayor addressed the Rotary Club Thursday afternoon.
Senator Corker said even though threats like terrorism are a very real concern, the fiscal crisis is the "single biggest problem we have as a nation."

Corker said Congress needs to address entitlement programs and our tax code.
And with one piece of legislation Americans would feel like we have the wind at our backs.

He said, "We as a nation are eating our seed corn. In other words, we're not investing in the future. Whether its research or infrastructure or whatever it is we know makes this nation greater and stronger."

Senator Corker said the Boles-Simpson plan laid a great road map to financial improvements and he looks forward to hammering out the details.


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