WDEF: Senator Bob Corker Honors TOP COP Lorin Johnston

May 14, 2012

A Chattanooga Police officer gets honored as a top cop this weekend.


Chattanooga Police Officer Lorin Johnston was one of ten law enforcement officers honored at the White House on Saturday.


It was to recognize the National Association of Police Organizations TOP COP awards.


Officer Johnston was the officer shot in the back when Sgt. Tim Chapin was gunned down.


Today, Senator Bob Corker met with Johnston and his wife Mitzi.


A Corker staff member took the Johnstons on a tour of the U.S. Capitol.  They also ate lunch in the Senate Dining Room.  The Senator got the chance to sit down quickly with Officer Johnston.     


The Senator said, "I know somebody personally like you that has handled themselves in the way that you have, has certainly distinguished the Chattanooga Police Department in doing so."


Corker honored Officer Johnston by submitting a statement into the Congressional Record today as well.

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