Corker Holds Healthcare Roundtable at Hendersonville Medical Center

May 27, 2008

United States Senator Bob Corker, R-TN, visited Hendersonville Medical Center today, touring the facility and sitting down with elected officials and healthcare leaders from four counties to hear from those on the frontlines of America’s healthcare force.


According to the Senator, more than 800,000 Tennesseans are without health insurance, and 69 percent of those work full-time.


“The health care crisis also affects those of us who are fortunate enough to have coverage. Americans don’t lack health care, they lack health insurance,” he emphasized. “Those without health insurance often resort to seeking care in emergency rooms, resulting in extremely high bills that sometimes go unpaid. This mounting volume of uncompensated care results in cost-shifting to those that have private coverage.”


Administrators, physicians and management from six area hospitals met with the Senator, discussing current issues and offered their solutions and feedback on subjects such as uncompensated care, insurance billing and outcomes-based payment methods.


Senator Corker is a co-sponsor of two bills, The Every American Insured Act and the Healthy Americans Act that would allow all Americans to purchase their own private health care coverage.


“We are honored that Senator Corker chose to spend part of his day with us,” said Regina Bartlett, Chief Executive Officer at Hendersonville Medical Center. “His willingness and enthusiasm to sit down with several healthcare leaders from the mid-state is encouraging, and I hope today we have seen the start of some great things in healthcare.”

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