Memphis Commercial Appeal: Editorial: Corker makes his call

May 23, 2012

It's good news that Bob Corker has decided to seek a second term as a U.S. senator from Tennessee.


This is not to say Corker's record is perfect or that he shouldn't face a strong challenger from the Democratic Party.


Nobody's perfect in politics. Every politician needs to be true-tested by a tough race.


But Corker clearly has grown and expanded his political range in his first term. For Memphis, Corker's victory over local phenom and congressman Harold Ford Jr. was a tough pill to swallow for many.


But in fact, Corker has been a solid and improving senator from Day 1.


He's sincerely tried to learn the job.


He's avoided the easy rhetoric and demonizing of the other party.


And he's brought forth ideas that got some traction related to federal budget reduction.


Perhaps most encouraging of all was Corker's reasoning for why he decided to seek a second term.


After a year or more of soul-searching about whether he wanted to devote more of his life to the sometimes toxic world of partisan Washington politics, Corker decided that he could continue -- because he believes his next term in the Senate could be something more than gridlock.


As the latest in a long line of Tennessee businessman Republicans, Corker could play an important role in guiding his party toward real solutions to national problems. He has shown a talent for just that in his first term.

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