wkrn.com:Sen. Corker hosts town hall in Murfreesboro

Aug 26, 2009

The Republican senator spoke to a group of about 200 people at the Stones River Country Club.


In stark contrast to town hall meetings held in Tennessee and across the country that have turned into shouting matches, the group of concerned citizens listened and asked questions.


Many also spoke against the changes to health care proposed by President Obama.


"My parents were a product of socialized medicine. They're both dead.  My mother died of a heart attack, lying in the hallway in a hospital waiting to get into the emergency room to see a doctor so I understand what socialized medicine is.  I could move back to Canada anytime, but I choose to stay here because I can get exceptional care," said one resident.


Others, in favor of reform, tried to be heard.


"I think there are a number of us who don't really care what label you put on something, as long as there is greater transparency, as long as there's more competition and insurance does become more affordable," said Christina Kretchik with Tennessee Health Care Campaign, a non-profit organization that seeks affordable health care options for everyone.


Senator Corker said, "My hope is when we go back in September we'll push aside ideas like government run plans, ideas like taking money from Medicare and we'll focus on pragmatic solutions in the area of health insurance reform."


During the Senate's August recess, Corker is visiting 30 cities in Tennessee, updating his constituents on his work in Washington in others.


Murfreesboro was one of Corker's 20 town hall meetings statewide.  Click here to see photos of Corker's visits.


Congressman Bart Gordon will host a town hall meeting Wednesday night at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin.


The meeting begins at 7 p.m.


Around 1,000 people attended Gordon's first town hall meeting held Monday night in Murfreesboro.


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