Tours "Overwhelming" VW Plant Site

Feb 15, 2010

Senator Bob Corker toured the construction site of the new Volkswagen Group of America, Chattanooga Operations manufacturing facility early Monday morning, terming it an "overwhelming" layout. It was Senator Corker’s first visit to the site since construction began.

The tour of the construction site included stops in the future body shop, the assembly shop and the paint shop. Senator Corker met plant managers of each of the areas and was able to ask questions while getting detailed briefings about each area.

He said, “Overwhelming is the best word to describe this visit. It is overwhelming to see the dramatic changes in the site since we first began developing it over a decade ago. Witnessing firsthand the incredible progress being made in all aspects of the plant’s operations is overwhelming and inspiring. I’m more convinced than ever that Chattanooga and the state of Tennessee have a first-rate partner and employer in Volkswagen. When full-scale operations begin at the facility it will mark the beginning of a new economic era for our community.”

“Senator Corker has worked very hard to make the dream of Volkswagen in Chattanooga a reality,” said Frank Fischer, CEO for Volkswagen in Chattanooga. “We were very pleased that he was able to take time from his busy schedule to tour the plant. It provided us with the opportunity to explain the progress of the project in detail.”



Construction at the facility is on time and has not encountered any work stoppages, despite weather that has been colder and wetter than normal in Chattanooga.

Volkswagen in Chattanooga, currently employs nearly 400 people, and just announced that the first group of production workers has begun the orientation process. The plant will eventually employ more than 2,000 workers and is expected to result in as many as 9,500 indirect employees over time.


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