portlandleader.net:Corker speaks at COMPASS benefit luncheon

Sep 2, 2010

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker was the guest speaker at the second annual Community Outreach Making Partnerships at Sumner Schools (COMPASS) fundraiser luncheon held Monday at the First Baptist Church in Hendersonville.


There were over 500 people present.


COMPASS is a nonprofit organization that promotes student success by developing partnerships between the business community and Sumner County Schools.


The topic of Corker's address was the federal debt, which he said was an ignored crisis. He spoke of the widening gap between spending and revenue facing the U.S. government.


He said it was time to stop playing finger-pointing games in Washington. He said Washington needs to stop worrying about how we got where we are but rather work toward finding a solution to the problem.


A number of people addressed the programs, which are provided by COMPASS.


George Whitten Elementary principal Adam Cripps spoke about the power of COMPASS and how the organization had made a difference at the school.


The organization not only provided physical needs for the school but had provided human resources for families at the school who had suffered during the spring flood.


He also told how the school had partnered with Huntington Learning Center to provide tutoring for a student this summer. He said that COMPASS was making a difference and changing lives.


Volunteer State University President Dr. Warren Nichols praised COMPASS's Educate and Grow Sumner County program, a college scholarship program for qualifying students to attend college at Volunteer State Community College.


The program is an initiative designed to increase the percentage of students graduating from high school prepared to be successful in college.


The program receives funding through the Sumner County Commission. Commissioner Paul Goode was recognized for his role in organizing Educate and Grow Sumner County.


Director of Sumner County Schools Benny Bills said, "COMPASS itself is a great organization. It provides money and scholarships for our students. It's a growing thing. People now are beginning to really catch on to it. Today with over 500 people here, it is going to be a tremendous send-off and will be financially in much better shape for more students to get scholarships next year. It'a good thing."


Sumner County School Board member Glen Gregory said, "Great event. It brings a lot of enthusiasm into Sumner County about how business partners with education and does a great job supporting our school system.


"I compliment all elected officials who make this available. We certainly appreciate our County Commission for funding Education Growth."


Sumner County School School Board chairman Don Long praised COMPASS and said it had served 46 schools in Sumner County and there is not another program like it in the state.



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