WBIR-TV: Senator Corker talks nation's debt at Knoxville forum

Jul 2, 2012

Senator Bob Corker was in Knoxville Monday to take part in a financial industry forum.


The University of Tennessee hosted the business, academic and political leaders at the Legacy Parks Foundation Conference Center.


Senator Corker spent a big chunk of his time focused on what has become one of his pet issues-- the nation's debt.


"The greatest thing we can do as a nation to help the economy and to help business is to put this fiscal issue behind us and deal with our solvency as a nation. Put that in our rear-view mirror, and I don't think there's anything that would stimulate the economy more than people knowing with certainty that Congress has dealt with this issue."


In a stop in Chattanooga Monday, Senator Corker told a group of business leaders he expects Congress to tackle the debt issue after the November election.

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