WBIR.com: US Senator Bob Corker speaks out against Obama Care

Aug 20, 2012

On Sunday morning's edition of "Inside Tennessee" on WBIR, U.S. Senator Bob Corker (Rep. TN) explained his thoughts on President Obama's health care law.

Senator Corker said he thinks this new law will lead to even more debt for the country.

"I don't really know of anybody inside Washington who has any kind of health care, or candidly a financial background, that believes the bill can work as it is," Senator Corker said. "I think after this election regardless of the outcome, people are going to realize there will need to be a lot of changes made."

On this segment, Senator Corker talked about how Congressman Paul Ryan is a great running mate for Mitt Romney, saying his ideas for the national budget will be valuable assets for this campaign.

He praised Congressman Ryan from his previous budget plan and hopes this will help change the nation's spending habits and reverse the country's debt crisis.


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