Senator Corker Offers Solution To Medicare Problem

Aug 21, 2012

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- Medicare has become one of the hottest topic on the Presidential campaign trail and one Tennessee Senator believes he has a solution.

Senator Bob Corker said he believes if the Medicare funding crisis is solved, the U.S. economy will rebound. Unfortunately for Corker the plan he supports to solve the Medicare problem is one that, according to a new poll, many seniors do not.

A new Pew Research Center poll indicates that GOP proposals to privatize Medicare remain unpopular among senior citizens. Fifty-five percent of people 65 or older do not like Ryan's plan and 24 percent do support it.

Republicans have accused President Obama of taking billions from Medicare to pay for his health care reform law.

"Medicare should not be a piggy bank for Obamacare, it should be a guaranteed program our citizens can count on,' said Paul Ryan(R-WI), Vice Presidential Candidate.

"Everybody who has looked at this says, what Gov. Romney's saying is absolutely wrong. Not only are his super pacs running millions of dollars' worth of ads making this claim, Gov. Romeny himself is approving this and saying it on the stump," said President Obama.

The latest campaign spat over Medicare is just one of many, but Senator Bob Corker for one is glad it's happening. Speaking before a rotary club in Goodlettsville he said he's happy that Medicare is at the forefront of a national debate.

"This is a huge problem. If we could find a longer term solution to Medicare, we'll solve the other fiscal issues we have," said Corker.

While many have ideas on how to pay for the funding gap that Medicare faces. Corker supports a bi-partisan proposal from Senator Paul Ryan and Ron Wyden. It keeps Medicare as a kind of public option, in a health care exchange where it would compete with private plans offering insurance to seniors.

"You give seniors a choice; it's not unlike what we have right now with Medicare advantage. Most people don't realize that 25 percent of seniors today already choose a private plan," Corker explained.

There are dozens of different proposals surrounding the Medicare issue in Congress. Senator Corker says seniors shouldn't expect anything to be done until after the November elections.


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