Tennessean: Cheatham Middle School celebrates U.S. Constitution

Sep 25, 2012

Sixth-grade students in Linda Owens’ history class at Cheatham Middle School participated in an interactive presentation honoring the 225th anniversary of the United States Constitution that featured a free-standing replica of the document.

The presentation was led by Carlie Cruse, Middle Tennessee region field director for U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn.

Cruse provided background information about the role that rights granted by the Constitution play in everyday life from freedom of speech to granting women the right to vote.

She was impressed by the students’ knowledge of the document’s history and relevance.

“I’ve never presented to a class that could name the 13 original colonies,” she said, adding that she was astounded about the little-known facts the students knew such as Rhode Island not being present at the constitutional convention, as well as the feud between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams that is depicted in the famous painting of the signing.

Students were rewarded by Cruse for every correct response to questions about the Constitution.

Corker’s office held events across Tennessee during National Constitution Week Sept. 17–23.

“I am still amazed by the wisdom our Founding Fathers showed in crafting such an elegant document that has provided the foundation for our government and our country for 225 years,” Corker said in a news release. “I hope the students who attend our Constitution Week events across the state come away wanting to learn more about our country’s history, values and system of government.”

CMS principal Beth Batson sat in on the presentation, noting that CMS students will visit Philadelphia for a school trip after school lets out in May.

Philadelphia is the site of the first constitutional convention, where the document was signed.

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