Jackson Sun: Endorsements

Oct 21, 2012

The Jackson Sun is pleased to again endorse Bob Corker to represent the state of Tennessee in the United States Senate. Corker has worked tirelessly and risen through the ranks in Washington. His experience in local, state and national government has prepared him to take on an even greater leadership role in the Senate in the years to come, and the nation will be better for it.


There are lots of things we like about Corker. His intelligence, high energy level, forthrightness and willingness to stand up for what he believes have repeatedly impressed us. He is fearless in taking strong positions. He delves deeply into issues to make well informed decisions. But what we admire most about Corker is his willingness to compromise in order to get things done. This is the single greatest challenge facing our nation’s legislative bodies and the executive branch of government in Washington.


Corker is poised to be the ranking Republican and perhaps chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This is one of the most important committee roles in Washington. Corker has traveled abroad extensively during his first term. He is someone who we trust to properly help manage the nation’s international relationships with our allies and with those who might oppose us. He is strong, thoughtful, informed and results oriented.


Given Corker’s lifelong pattern of success in business, as mayor of Chattanooga, as comptroller of the state of Tennessee, as a U.S. senator and in his personal life leave us confident that he will continue to serve Tennessee and our nation well.


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