WPLN Nashville Public Radio: Corker, Alexander Call for ‘Super Committee’ to Cut Deeper

Sep 15, 2011

Tennessee’s senators are part of a group of about three-dozen calling for big cuts from the so-called “super committee.” That’s the group tasked with finding more than one trillion dollars in federal cuts this fall.

Senator Lamar Alexander signed a letter calling on the super committee to go above and beyond, and cut the deficit by at least four trillion dollars. That’s to “send the right message to financial markets.” The letter also says a deficit package should “grow the economy in the short, medium and long-term.”

Senator Bob Corker signed that letter as well, arguing dealing with the debt will spur job growth.

“And the very best jobs and economic package that could possibly happen for this country would be for this super committee to do exactly what this group today assembled is urging them to do….” 


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