Corker: Reid Should Stop Gamesmanship, Senate Should Come Back in Session, Follow Regular Order, Produce Better Legislation

Dec 20, 2011

U.S. Senator Bob Corker made the following statement today regarding the congressional debate over the tax extender package.

“Regardless of how one feels about the tax extender package, the version passed last week by the House is much better public policy than the Senate’s two-month extension which was designed in a back room of the Capitol by leaders looking to shield members up for reelection from a tough vote. This process should be familiar because it is the same one that has led to our inability to do anything to significantly reduce deficits or tackle tax and entitlement reform,” said Corker. “Senator Reid should stop this political gamesmanship, call the Senate back into session and follow the ‘regular order’ of taking both bills to conference to produce better legislation that reflects the will of the House and Senate. Like most Americans, we should be at work this week and finish the business they elected us to do.”

On Saturday, Corker voted against Senate passage of the $1 trillion year-end spending bill and legislation providing temporary extensions of various expiring policies, including the payroll tax cut.

Read Senator Corker's statement from Saturday here.


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